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App Troubleshoot/Apple iOS Devices

Apple recommends a regular restart after installing new applications. Please follow the steps below to restart an iPad, iPhone or iPod-touch:

• Hold down the sleep/wake button at the top right of the device for approx. 5 seconds.

• Slide the “slide to power off” to the right to turn off the device.

• Wait until the device has completely shut down and then restart it again by holding down the sleep/wake button until the Apple symbol appears.

• Unlock your device as normal using the sliding lock.

Installing Updates

When an update of a previously purchased app is released, the total number of available updates will appear as a small white number in a red circle in the upper right-hand corner of the App Store icons on your device. You can only download updates directly via your device, not via your iTunes account.

• Open the App Store and tap on the update button located in the menu along the bottom.

• You will receive information about updates to your already purchased and installed apps. A short description provides advice on the changes, improvements or additions included in the update.

• Updates are always free of charge. Tap on the “Free” button located to the right of the descriptive text to start the update download.

• When this has loaded you will automatically leave the App Store and can view the progress of the download on the progress bar within the app icon on the user interface of your device.

• You can simultaneously also start other updates by opening the App Store again and loading the next update when the app crashes, does not load correctly, freezes or displays other error messages?


All devices that use iOS 4.0 or later have the multitasking feature, which makes it possible to run several apps at the same time. This means that your applications are not automatically closed when you leave them. In case of problems it is helpful to guarantee error-free running of all applications by closing all applications via the multitasking bar.

• Quickly press the home button twice; a menu displaying all currently open apps will open at the bottom of your device.

• Press and hold down the app that you want to close until a small white minus sign in a red circle appears on all apps that are still open and the icons begin to shake.

• Quickly tap on the minus sign of the app you want to close until the app disappears. To leave this menu, press once on the home button. You will now find yourself once again at your device interface and can start the app again as normal by tapping on it can’t find the app in my store.

• Only apps that are compatible with your device will be listed in your store. You must search for iPad apps on your iPad and iPhone apps from your iPhone apple customer service.

• Please contact your Apple iTunes customer service for any inquiries regarding your invoice.


App Troubleshoot/Android Devices

Have you encountered one of the following problems during installation? 

Sometimes the screen flips upside down

• Some of the interactive functions of our apps require tilting of the screen and can interfere with

the automatic page rotation. Turning off the auto page rotation function on your tablet will fix this.

If you are unsure how to do this on your device please refer to your product manual.


Can’t find your app in my store

• Only apps that are compatible with your device will be listed in your store.

Insufficient Memory

• Delete inactive processes by using the memory management settings of your device before
running the app customer service for android devices.

• In cases of problems regarding downloads, installations, refunds or payments please contact the Android market team that supports your device.

Additional support for all devices

If you still have a problem with one of our apps, please contact our app support at the following address:

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